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Anne P.

“I love that the workouts just show up in my inbox.  I’ve gotten faster on the bike and finished my first duathlon with Tri For It! Coaching.”

I really enjoy riding my road bike.  Before working with Coach Rich, I would get on my bike and ride at about the same speed every time.  He showed me how by varying the distance and intensity of my riding I could really boost my performance.  It worked too!  I cut 20 minutes off my time on the bike leg of an Olympic distance triathlon.

I used to hate to run. I didn’t like to hear myself breathing and it hurt my knees.  Coach Rich sent me a video in which you could hear one of the top pro woman triathlete’s breathing and cadence.  I figured if even the top pros breathe loud, it must be ok.  He started me on a run/walk program that allowed me to train for the 2009 Iron Girl Duathlon without the knee pain I used to experience.

A late change to the Iron Girl bike course meant we had the “opportunity” (Coach Rich’s word) to ride up a steep half mile long hill – TWICE.  With the interval and hill work I had done in training I was able to spin up the hill both times.   I passed countless women walking their bikes up the hill or trying to pedal big gears—it felt good to blow by them with confidence.

I’m a physician, mother of two active kids and a wife.  Fitting in workouts is a challenge.  Each week Coach Rich and I would discuss the upcoming workouts and plan my week.  After that, the workouts just appeared (like magic!) in my email---that’s motivating!  Since I use computers all day at work, I opted not to log in to Training Peaks and log my training.  Instead, I’d just email Coach Rich with how my workout went.   I appreciate the flexibility of working with Coach Rich.