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Brian K.

“Coach Rich gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to finish.”

Like many people that get married and have children, I started to see weight gain with each progressive year.  It seemed like every Monday morning I would hop on the scale and tell myself that the diet started that morning. After a few years of this cycle, I had decided to make a change.  The change came when I registered for my first 5k race. Knowing that I had a few months to prepare, I had no idea of how to train effectively for it.  I had found a thousand different programs from websites and books just to piecemeal my way across the finish line.  It seemed like it was a good plan on paper, but throw in some aches, pains and a little self doubt and it was a recipe for failure.  Seeking advice, I had turned to Coach Rich for suggestions.  He provided me with the knowledge and confidence I needed to finish.  He rescaled my training program to adjust for the pains that I was experiencing.  Most importantly he gave me the confidence to make a change.  The following year with the support of Coach Rich, I had completed my first half marathon, sprint triathlon and marathon.  Coach Rich has provided me with the necessary tools to change into a healthy and active lifestyle. .