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Mike V.

“I’ve already lost 25 pounds and am enjoying a healthier lifestyle.”

Working with Coach Rich has put me on the path to better health.  When we started, I weighed close to 270 pounds.  My cholesterol was high and my doctor was talking about taking medications to bring it down.   I’m 29 years old.  I don’t want to be on medication for the rest of my life.  In just under 3 months, I’ve lost 25 pounds and plan on continuing to improve my health.

In 2008, my family talked me into doing the swim leg of a half iron distance triathlon as part of a relay.  I put in some training and survived the 1.2 mile swim .  I used a lot of breast stroke and even some walking on the bottom.  Once that race was over I stopped training or working out and my weight crept up.

By the summer of 2009, I knew I needed to make some changes.  I turned to Coach Rich for help.  He provided me with weekly workout plans and nutritional resources.  As I’ve lost weight I have found that I feel better and have more energy.

Our goal is to complete all 3 events in a sprint race next summer.  I’ve borrowed an old ten speed, am back in the pool and have worked up to some jogging on the treadmill.  I really like the variety in the workouts.  Coach Rich is even trying to talk me into trying a yoga or body pump class.

Not only am I improving my health, but my wife is joining me at the gym for some workouts.  We’ve really enjoyed the time together.